Moles, Age spots & Skin tags

Moles, Age spots & Skin tags

Moles, Age spots & Skin tags

How to tell the Difference between Moles, Warts and Skin Tags.

There are different types of skin growths ranging from skin tags, warts, moles, sun spots , age spots, the list goes on. Fortunately, most of these growths are harmless and non-cancerous.  Specialist’s help in identifying and advising on best remedy for different growths is important.

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What Are Skin Tags?

These are growths protruding from the skin. They appear in a flat flushed shape. They usually resemble your skin and are fond of appearing on armpits, genital areas or eyelids. They may be astonishing but there should be no cause of alarm since they are just excessive skin formed into a flap.

The cause isn’t clear. However, they are common in areas where the skin rubs together. Frictions in those areas lead to development of the skin tags. Hormone imbalance may also lead to their development. They are not contagious as they are not caused by any infection.

What Are Warts?

These are highly contagious dangle like skin tags. They have cylindrical shape and are pink in color. They appear in clumps on the skin and can be transmitted via contact with infected persons, such as sexual contact. Though unpleasant, they rarely pain, unless irritated through chafing.

Caused by superficial skin infections with human papillomavirus (HPV).

HPV infect superficial skin cells and hijack internal functioning. This stimulates cell growth leading to development of warts. Research shows that there are more than 150 types of HPV. These types affect specific body areas making it highly contagious.

What are moles?

These are skin lesions which occur when cells in the skin grow in an irregular manner on the skin. They darken when exposed to UV rays and during pregnancy. They are the most serious skin issue of all the three. They form slowly and if they are cancerous, they begin to change.

Moles ( Pigmented nevi )

It’s disturbing and at worst ego damaging to discover constant skin growths. Skin tags and warts are the major causes of new skin growths. They are not only unpleasant but also uncomfortable. Despite many similarities between the varied skin growths, they also possess significant differences. Honestly, moles, warts and skin tags are irritating. They can also be misleading and hard to differentiate. Below is the difference between them classified on their causes, location, risk factors, appearances and treatment methods.