5 Reasons Why You Need to Correct Red & Blue Brows

Do You Know Red & Blue Eyebrows Can Affect Your Career & Fortune?

5 Reasons Why You Need to Correct Red & Blue Eyebrow

5 Reasons Why You Need to Correct Red & Blue Eyebrow

  • The so-called “Red and Blue” eyebrows are the results of old-fashioned eyebrow embroidery. Old-fashioned eyebrow embroidery is done with chemical color emulsions. These are unnatural colors and the human body cannot metabolize them. Red or blue eyebrows can severely affect your appearance and gives you a bad image.

  • Red and blue eyebrows not only don’t look good on the face, it can also affect your fortune. According to traditional Chinese physiognomy, red and blue eyebrows may cause serious conflict and poor relationship with your loved ones and relatives.
  • When you have blue eyebrows, it is like a pool of still or “dead” water, it does not circulate and bring life or happiness to your face. It can badly affect your luck, career and even fortune. Only good circulation can bring about good luck. 
  • Red eyebrows is like “Burning” eyebrows; there will often be urgent or very unlucky things. Burning eyebrows on the face can cause you to be irritable and anxious. Not only your health suffers, it can also cause harm to your loved ones.

  • For beauty or fortune, Red or Blue eyebrows must be corrected.
  • With the advancement of science, correcting red and blue eyebrows is no longer a problem. With color matching and the skills of the embroidery artist, red and blue eyebrows can be restored to perfection.
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